My Infertility Voyage


At the age of 41, after 23 years of marriage, we finally felt ready to make a little one.  This is what traumatic childhoods will do to a person.  I’m not sure why I never heard my biological clock.  Perhaps it was on mute.

6/23/2011 – Laparoscopic robot assisted myomectomy for a uterine fibroid the size of a softball.  It took some HMO magic for me to get the surgeon I wanted (Dr. C.).  I was, obviously, interested in a fertility-preserving surgery.

6/2014 – US for bleeding between periods.  Small fibroid visualized.  Recommended hysteroscopy to look for polyps.  Told that due to my age, I really needed to start IVF.

7/2014 – Hysteroscopy with Dr. C.  Multiple polyps removed.  No evidence of the fibroid inside the uterus.

8/2014 – New patient consult with RE, Dr. M.

9/2014 – Pre-IVF testing

AFC: 12      Estradiol: 58.8        FSH 5.22         LH 6.68         AMH: 1.5

Hystersonogram: Polyp on roof of uterus

10/01/2014 – Hysteroscopy with Dr. M. 2 polyps removed. Per the pathology report: complex hyperplasia. This worried Dr. M., so he consulted with Dr. C., who said it did not indicate cancer and should not prevent me from starting IVF. Dr. M. then requested that I get a second opinion from a gyne oncologist.

10/14/2014 – Consult with Dr. T., who cleared me for IVF.

(For a full list of blood test results and drug dosages for each cycle, open this document.)

11/6/2014 – Started cycle #1.

Eggs retrieved: 20           Mature: 16           Fertilized: 14

Embryos grown to EB, biopsied and frozen: 9          Normal embryos: 2

Placed on BCP and Lupron in preparation of transfer. However, once the results came in, we chose to cycle again.

12/27/2014 – Started cycle #2.

Eggs retrieved: 18           Mature: 14           Fertilized: 11

Embryos grown to EB, biopsied and frozen: 3       Normal embryos: 1

2/21/2015 – Started cycle #3.

Eggs retrieved: 6           Mature: 5           Fertilized: 2

Embryos grown to EB, biopsied and frozen: 2       Normal embryos: 0

5/23/2015 – Started cycle #4.

Eggs retrieved: 12           Mature: 1           Fertilized: 1

Embryos grown to EB, biopsied and frozen: 1       Normal embryos: 1

8/13/15 – FET of 2 male embryos

8/21/15 – BhCG 318

8/24/15 – BhCG 1135

8/28/15 – Twins seen on US

9/4/15 – Oops, TRIPLETS seen on US!


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