Terrakna’s Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice and Observations

Weight gain:

I’ve worked very hard throughout my lifetime to maintain a healthy weight.  To purposely try to GAIN weight is quite unsettling…especially since I still have my weight loss goals up on the white board in the kitchen.  So, I have chosen to blame the children.  “Man, you chub-os gained 2 pounds this week.  You guys have NO impulse-control.”  Alternately, I can just look in my WAY overstuffed bra and know, “Ah, THAT’S where all that poundage is going!”


No joke here.  Take vitamin B6 and ginger AROUND THE CLOCK, not just as needed.  I accidentally skipped a morning dose, probably because I had been feeling so well and wasn’t thinking about it, and felt like death warmed over for the entire day.


By the way, my saving grace some days, Clementine Izze.  Check it out y’all.  It’s like crack to me on those really tough days.



You can read all the advice you want about eating high protein and nutrient packed foods.  The fact is, you get to a point where either you eat what calls to you, or you starve to death.  In a fit of self-righteousness, I bought a package of whole wheat bagels, only to have a horrible attack of nausea the morning I made one.  The taste of the whole wheat, which I’ve never enjoyed, made me wish I could curl up beside the toilet and never come out of the bathroom again.  Salads?  Yeah, right.  Some days I’m lucky I can get down whatever rare food is barely tolerable to me.  Last night it was tuna tetrazzini.  The night before that, spaghetti with meat sauce.  The night before that, mustard pretzels and mint Girl Scout cookies.  Sometimes, it’s just gummy bears and sandwiches (ice cream sandwiches).  DON’T JUDGE ME!


“What did you do today?”  DH asks on my days off.  Generally, I sleep all day because the fatigue is nearly debilitating some days and I NEED to keep up my strength to get to work.  Can’t start calling in “tired”.  So, my answer to this question is, invariably, “I spent the day growing three humans FROM SCRATCH.  What did YOU do?!”



Yeah.  I’m exhausted all the time, but can’t sleep at night after about 2am. WTF?  My solution: Pinterest.  Lots of Pinterest.


Hurry! This sale won’t last for long!

Attention! My clinic is having a huge blow-out sale. Buy 2 get one free!


That’s right! If you act fast, they will implant two of your hard-earned, perfect little embryos and you will end up with 3, count them, t-h-r-e-e gestations. They each come with their own gestation sac, yolk sac, fetal pole and heart rate between 100 and 115!

So, yeah. My special little fraternal twin boys turned into a very confusing set of triplets.


We took quite a bit of time contemplating this. The extra guy could be a naturally produced embryo. He could be a hitchhiker embryo that the embryologist accidentally loaded in the tube. He could be an identical twin. BUT, from what I’ve learned, any embryo that splits after day 6 would have a shared gestational sac and ours clearly have separate, individual sacs:

2nd US

This left us scratching our heads. First off, the only time we, er, um, could have produced a natural child was on the very date we learned I was pregnant. That would put an accidental baby at 14 days younger than the rest and currently, A and B are 6 weeks and C is 5w4d. So, that is out.

Secondly, when they transferred my two embryos, I SAW TWO on the US screen. I didn’t expect that, but there they were! So, the hitchhiker theory is out.

DH and I went to separate computers for a while, trying to suss out the mystery of the extra embryo. It’s then that it hit him. We’ve been thinking inside the box all this time. We should have been thinking…inside the egg shell. When an embryo splits before it hatches out of the zona pellucid, how could it possibly create two separate embryos, each with their own shells? Wouldn’t it just continue to grow as two separate entities until it hatched? Take a look at our hatched embryo on the bottom:


I never really paid attention to the funny little line on the bottom, or the cleaving at the top. But, when you combine the two, it really does look like two separate embryos just squished together. Alternately, the top embryo, hatching in this picture, could have been mechanically cleaved during the trauma of transfer. Who knows? At least now I know why all I want to do is sleep all day.  It’s those three little trouble makers.



It’s twins, Beatch!


(…and a shadow of something that could either be nothing or a triplet, cheers!)


…and, just did some research.  In order for it to be a diamniotic/dichorionic twin, it would have had to have split at day 2-3 and they were 6 day blasts.  So, there you go.  Still don’t know what that was hanging out in the back, but we’ll know more next week.  Maybe it’s an alien.  Maybe my kids have stalkers already.  Maybe it’s a skittle.  Personally, I prefer M&Ms.