This Guy Really Gets Around

This must be a fetish of his:



Vastus lateralis muscle


I got tired of being impaled in the same two muscles every day.  “Choose a different spot!” I says to myself.  I’ll tell you right now that myself is really stoopid.

I decided to give my progesterone in the thigh…the vastus lateralis muscle.  Now I can’t climb stairs, stoop, or…pretty much anything.

Will someone please remind me not to listen to myself any more?

Practice makes perfect…or something

Who ever said that “practice makes perfect” was an idiot.

I started my 4th stim cycle yesterday.  At my pre-cycle testing appointment, I questioned the nurse as to my need to speak to her before I left.  “I feel like I do this professionally.”  She barely cracked a smile.  Plus, being a nurse with 20+ years experience in everything from procedural nursing to emergency, I kind of get it, you know?

But this time feels a bit…different to me.

Cycle #1: I cleaned off a pristine table and set everything out 15 minutes before “Shot Time” and took my time setting up.  Every shot was done at exactly 6pm.  I had a dose list printed from my patient portal and I made sure to check off each dose immediately after completing said injection.

Cycle #2: I set out all the paraphernalia on a clean section of table just before “Shot Time”.  Every shot was done around 6pm.  I had a dose list printed from my patient portal and I made sure to check off each dose by the time I went to bed.

Cycle #3: Things were a bit stressful at work, so I set an alarm on my phone to make darn sure I didn’t forget to attend “Shot Time”.  Every shot was done sometime before bed.  “Honey, open the portal and make sure I’m remembering this dose right!”

Cycle #4: I have an alarm set on my phone that I snooze until I feel ready to do this damn thing on “Shot Day”.  I have laundry to do, you know.  I turn over a dirty place mat to the clean side, thinking, “eh, good enough.”  “I hope this dose is right.  I seem to remember 750.  It could have been 725.  Oh, shit.  I forgot the pen only goes up to 450.  This pen is bullshit!  Who chose 450 as the max dose?!  Damn drug companies!  I ain’t givin’ myself 2 shots because some jerk can’t think ahead.”

So, I guess the saying is really, “practice makes complacency.”